Super-mega-maximum-awesome is a term that describes something as being super-mega-maximum-awesome in nature.

For example:  If you were to find your paramour's genitalia especially aesthetically pleasing, you might be inclined to say, "Damn, girl, your cunt is fine as fuck!"

But with the new term of "super-mega-maximum-awesome" nestled comfortably in your gentleman's lexicon holster, you can now quite regally state,
"There are those, my dear, that might proclaim your vagina to be wholesome.  And there are those that might claim it to be rather handsome.  But I am not one of those; therefore, I shall hereby announce for all present and future parties that your vagina is the representative monarchy of every single thing--including dark matter-- in the universe that is super-mega-maximum-awesome!"

And just like the prophet William Joel once caterwauled...

"Tell her about it.  Tell her everything you feel.  Tell her that her taco is

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