Triumphant Arm Raising Lays In Wait

Do refer to the pleasing use of a 'whammy bar" in the first four bars!

Do refer to Joe Piscopo not referring to Eddie Murphy for the first time ever whilst on camera!

Do refer to Kevin Mitchell not murdering anyone!

Do refer to the splendid perm atop Gary Carter's genetically fine noggin!

Do refer to the 1986 Topps baseball card set handled in a most haphazard way!

Do refer to the rhyme scheme of "Let's" and "Mets" and of course "Go" and "Go!"

Do refer to the presence of  both God and a buccaneering Chang-Sing warrior from "Big Trouble In Little China" at 3:21!

Do refer to the passable batting stance and swing of the irrepressible Gene Shalit at 3:31!

Do refer to the entirety of "Let's Go Mets!" in all its splendor and glory!

In summation:


Carry on.