The Retiring Corpulence of Johnny B.

Avast, ye Fat Man!  How you've raped death!
Flick!  Flick!  You finger-fucker;
You abundance of negligible.  Stare across the horizon of your imminent demise- bask in the shade-

The dirt molds between your toes.

How ankles must buckle under the gravity of your mass.

You flick!  Flick again!
Incessant with your obsession, have you shame inside?

A hollow cunt you are-
Filling it.  Filling with naked promise of another day of
No death.
Your maker lives atop a mountain Rocky-
Taste the cock of your maker!  Guzzle His fluid-life killer!

Drenched in your own perishable skin-sack, upon a weeping heap of collapsing, creaking, beveling earth.
Your steps take an infinity stolen from finite time- your Lorentzian length expanding in proportion.

The residue of your breath insulates a Siberian hut.

Staring at the poltergeist of the Ace of Hearts- yours beats heavily;
Have you guilt?  A life worth the definition? 

Have ware that all ends are nigh- but some not soon enough.
Fare-thee-well, Fat Man!


Non Sequiturs for Lovely Pilgrim Ladies

"... and then we used our safety word."

"... and that's the last time I ate a chocolate bunny."

"... his face, covered with some sort of viscous fluid- like that scene in Ghostbusters."

"... smelling like a birthing wildebeest at noon in the dead of summer."

"... horseshoes, except with onion rings and a cock."

"... you know- the guy with stumps for hands who works at that Oriental massage parlor?"

"... and hold the placenta."

"... slips on it, falls flat on his ass onto Aunt Trudy's most favorite wombat, kills it, and then blames the Bolsheviks!"

"... how he got it all the way up there, I'll never know."

"... name him after Hitler."


A Gentleman's Effort

My week was consumed by the most exhausting toil-
So I was drunk on drink upon joining you in bed.
Immediately I had to ravish you 'till your blood did boil-
But would have stopped had I realized you were dead.