Begone to the Forever, Captain Stubing! And Beyond It!

Your virginal white garb is absurdly ironic-
Seeing as how you mount little boys in your
floating den of horny avarice.

"Slow ahead!" You scream at underlings too
stupid to see the double meaning behind it-
And the little boy nestled in your crotch.

Your even brief presence requires such a
lengthy salute.  Yet the only salute you give
is the one in your pants for said little boys.

Lo, how do you get away with such pedophillic machinations?
Your bedroom eyes?  Toothsome smile as white as
the pale thighs concealed under your short shorts?

An innocence is detected in your round moon-face;
Yet it hides the blackest of souls whose thirst for
the pernicious and deceit is unbounded.

Oh, a blue eyed angel you are not.  In fact,
I'm quite certain you are a minion of Satan himself-
Sent here by Him to secure his position as global potentate.

And so He shall rule, with You at his side-
The one that brought him victory, thanks to your
spurious smile and duplicitous tongue.

Looking at you, there is no conclusion left
to be made. Your evil stands alone-  but perhaps not;
Because I have my doubts about Doc.

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