Boca Raton's Arthur Levine and His Famous Sexy Lines

"Nice catheter!"

"They can cure syphilis now."

"I got a pocket-full of blue pills and my homeboys do too."

"Mind if I fill that barren wasteland you call a vagina with something other than dust?"

"I'm pretty sure Medicare covers broken hips."

"You're gonna need that oxygen tank after I get through with you."

"I might fall, but I can definitely get up... if you know what I mean."

"Let's go make a talkie."

"Mammy, I'm your Sammy."

"Are those liver spots?  Because I actually think they're notches of your myriad of conquests over the past 134 years.

"My grandkids call it a 'snowball'."

"You know, in this light, with your head just fractionally tilted in that specific manner, you remind me of a barely dead Dinah Shore."

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